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“So the opposite of addiction is not sobriety;  it is human connection.”

Johann Hari



Remove Barriers To Recovery

Each Recovery Community Center in Idaho exists to remove barriers to recovery by providing Peer-Based Recovery Support Services (P-BRSS) to individuals  in our communities. 

The following core values create the conceptual and philosophical framework for the services that we provide:  

  • You are in recovery if you say you are

  • Support all pathways to recovery

  • Focus on the recovery potential, not the pathology

  • Everyone has a strength to share

  • Recovery is a gift; expect to pay it forward

  • The path of recovery is life-long

  • Ongoing community support is vital to successful outcomes

  • We support the wellness of the full person

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Operating Principles & Standards

Recovery Community Centers (RCC) exist to advocate for and support individuals seeking to initiate or maintain recovery from behavioral health and/or substance use disorder.   The centers are a safe-place and a resource for skill-building, education, information, support and socialization for those in recovery and their loved ones. They are not a clubhouse, a drop-in center or a crisis center - but they do contain elements of all three.  They are a place where isolation becomes inclusion, problems find solutions, and strangers become friends.  By their very existence they make real the belief that recovery from mental illness and substance use disorder IS possible.    


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