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Sober Idaho Recovery Community Act

Join us on February 22nd, 2018 at 5:30pm in the Lincoln Auditorium - Idaho Statehouse

as we discuss the impact of the Opioid Crisis and the impact our Recovery Community Centers

have in each of our communities!  Click HERE for more details.  Hope to see you there!

SIRCA ~ Sober Idaho Recovery Community Act is written and being moved to next step for the upcoming fall legislative session.The bill asks for 1.5 million for five years that funds our recovery centers and Recovery Idaho.The Recovery Resource Centers provide peer support for those suffering from SUD, Mental Health Disorders, Behavioral Addictions, Grief and Loss, Returning Citizens, and a wid...e variety of things which people recover from... In communities, we heal with support, encouragement, learning opportunities, and quality sober pro-social events. #WeDoRecoverTogether, we save lives. We empower people in their own recovery process. We save State money rather than duplicating services. We enable those in recovery to find their greater purpose through a multitude of supportive services and pathways to recovery. And we give back to our communities in service, returning citizens, and being a place where people can heal while volunteering and participating in their own futures.#SIRCA #SoberIdaho #Recovery Resource Center See More

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How the Idaho RCCs are helping!

The CDC Reports that over 174 individuals lose their life to accidental opiate overdose EVERY SINGLE DAY!  #174ADAY
In Idaho, the epidemic is reaching catastrophic proportions.  Find out what our Recovery Community Centers are doing to combat Idaho's Opioid Crisis!

The Opioid Crisis
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